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What operating system are you happy with?  

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Hmmm.... need to set up a dual boot with Vista beta and openSuse 10.1 on my dell laptop so I'll give it a try. Baring in mind that I'm a linux newbie, do you need to configure the non-xp bootloader after the install to get back into windows? Because thats where it's all gone wrong before. Then i get to tackle the joys of ndiswrapper.

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i use archlinux on my laptop and wkst ... running debian on server and i also have small windows partiton for playing games(CS:S) but i dont use it often because i can play most of the good games out there with linux only cs:s isnt working really good



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how come nobody has mentioned how well one can dual boot using ntldr? Just be sure not to install to the MBR when installing Linux, or run the XP disk in recovery mode (Google). After installing linux, just run:

dd if=/dev/<Hard drive /boot is, i.e. hda2> of=/home/linux.boot bs=512 count=1

Then copy linux.boot to a thumb drive, boot into windows like normal, copy linux.boot to something like C:linux.boot. Edit boot.ini (may need to change folder options to see it on C:) so that it also has the line:


Reboot and you can choose either Windows or Linux. Works better than Grub in some cases. I know this works with Grub, and I believe will work with Lilo, though everytime you liloconf you might have to rerun dd.

And about boot time for laptops: I prefer using linux on my laptop. ~60 second boot up time (Gentoo, fluxbox), ~17 second shutdown. Never really use suspend. Don't trust it for dual-booting (scary experience once).[/code]

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Linux is my OS of choice for anything but gaming, but id really like to have a fiddle with solaris, not that i can afford a sun system. I'd also like a go with the BeOS, i heard theres a freeware version floating about but im far too lazy to find it.

Of course i cant get enough of MS-DOS just for the memories and the awesome games, but i think it'd be wasted on my modern boxes.

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You have to pay for printing and shipping of the CD I think. Don't recall there being an ISO around, but I might've been wrong. Looked into it a while ago, but I never managed to run it under VMWare. Subsequently lost interest.

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