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Routers And what they do?


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I just a noob geek that has enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not 1337. I was look at my network setup. To my horror i maxed out all the Ethernet ports on my router is full and I'm too cheep to by wifi card for my computers. i used a switch i have but its doesn't work well when i run it after my router.

So i was looking a old pc as a firewall and use the switch to get most of my computer running but i need the wifi to so put the router after. But that is no fun, so i was thing if i could trun a pc in to a tcp/ip sever/ router and use the switch to as a way to share the like to the gateway(the srever/ router).

Now i have no idea from there where to go from there. I am all for trying something new and learn new stuff too. But I have to keep it dirt cheep and have blocking feture cause i have younger siblings that are a little out there. All ideas are welcome to!

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There are multiple programs out there that you can use to set yourself up with a firewall. If you want to use an old pc, two programs that I like are Smoothwall and IPCOP. Both of these programs will take over a computer and provide you with a web based interface to configure them. Keep in mind though that whatever computer you decide to use will need 3 NICS in order to setup secure WRLS or 2 just to route.

An other option is using WRT54G and then Re FLashing it with DDWRT. This will provide you with a switch as well as a WRLS access point and a basic router.

Now for your network

PC Option

Internet - Smoothwall <Wrls Access Point



Internet - WRT54g - Computers


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i used a switch i have but its doesn't work well when i run it after my router.

Why doesint your switch work well after your router? I have done this on sevral occasions and it has worked fine.

does your switch handel automatic crossover switching? (any port or one spicific port is designated for connecting to another device such as a router or another switch) If not you might need a crossover cable for the connection between your router and the switch.

If you really want to turn your old box into a firewall / router then the software that Deathdefyer2002 sugessted should be fine. I have played with smoothwall before and it is highly configurable and should be able to handel what you want.

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