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Good use for coding?

Sin Falken

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Find some task you find boring or trivial and make it automatic, that can be reordering of files, looking up information about something on the internet or what not... That is what many find as a motivation I think.

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no your not doing anything wrong infact i still wonder at times what the fuck should i create what should i destroy..it keeps me up at night

anyways i would suggest something fun..some of my very first projects had to deal with FindWindow and SetParent

and i made all kinds of wierd programs that totoally fucked up the windows explorer(not permently)

i had lots of fun and learned how windows works from the inside out

if your talking about linux then try and recreate common programs

like cat

...i tried to recreate all of its functallity...it was a failure But i still kept going

after that i try and make notepad clones and simple windows programs

calc.exe notepad.exe as easy as these programs sound...heh they take some skills

so just be create and just think about what you could create and just..GO FOR IT

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