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Actual Free Stuff


Has anyone actually gotten free stuff from those sites claiming you'll get something for free?  

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    • Yes. Once.
    • Yes. More than once.
    • No. Never tried.
    • No. Tried many times but got nothing.

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I said no, never tried. I friend of mine (who is also computer litaret) entered one of thoughs "iPod conga lines" for $0.25 even though you where supposed to pay like $25. He never got any thing. Btw, he's not dumb, he knows iPods suck, his plan was to get one for $0.25 then sell it for full price.

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I answered "Yes" even though it was not me who got it. A friend of mine got a free iPod from one of those places where you get like 5 other ppl to sign up. I think it was www.freeipod.com although I am not sure. He gets a crapload of spam now, but hey, it's a free ipod.

yeah that was a spam scam.

those ppl r now part of a spam list , and no-one ever got the ipod :P

anyway i have answered the 2nd one ,usd to check some free sites

(dutch one's) and have gottan a lot of stuff from em but nothing special.

exept my domain name ( www.DLSS.be ) wich'd normally b pretty xpensive ...

o and 2 (bad) movies (DVD's) from america trying to point out the dangers of a nucklear threat ....

i donnu i dont trust things with trojan's ESPECIALLY not that !

anyone that like NIN ?

here's a free DVD :


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I got bored once a few months ago and when on a hunt for free stuff after about 1 1/2hrs i think i signed up to like 10-15 things. All ive got so far is a pack of stickers woooo from shell :lol::lol: a free dvd from the bbc and a few ubuntu CDs. Microsoft was offering a free 32mb memory stick for filling in a servay but that never arrived :(

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Well, I got Microsoft to ship me 10 copies of XP Service Pack 2. And a branch of NASA had this thing where they would ship you a bit poster of the earth which would show global warming or some such.

The coolest thing so far in my opinion was to get Intel to send me their processor programming and optimization guides. 4 books that explain how to get the most out of your Intel CPU. It won't teach you assembly though.

I've been told that they have to provide these books for free to anybody who wants is after some antitrust court case which they lost.

In all these cases I also didn't have to pay for shipping and/or handling. It was truly free.

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I've gotten a free iPod and a nintendo DS from these free sites, and don't get any spam. Some of the offers are legit if you put fourth the effort to do them and are worth the time in alot of situations. The DS was a godsend on the 12 hours of plane time / layover in airports over the last week.

Oh, and I get PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, and Stuff magazine for free as well.

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I think he means just service pack 2, not windows.


Saw it on some forum where a guy just clicked through the request form SEVERAL HUNDRED times. They delivered each one of them.

Figured I'd have a go at that aswell, but they already fixed this little issue. You could get only 10 shipped to any given address. If you wanted more, you had to contact your national Microsoft branch or whatever.

Funny thing is, I've got only 3 left. I tossed one because I needed to give someone a CD and needed something to store it in. The other 6 were used when installing Windows on a machine, and passed on to the recipient of the machine. So in the end it's not been as wasteful as was originally envisioned.

Did some digging to find the original forum post that got me to do this.

I had to use the WayBack machine for it, but here it is, with pictures included!

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Wow are we all at this state in life? Well i guess I'll join the train. FTL natural all the way :wink: unless you promote safe sex than FTW!

eh in most cases safe = better especially with these kinds of ppl

seriously u dont want em to have kids :lol:


uber geeks FTW :P

i dont trust it tho , dont trust anything with tojan in it

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