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What Router to Buy?


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My wrt54g running openWRT recently died. I find myself in need of a new router, but i'm not sure which ones run custom (ddwrt/tomato) firmware the best. Anyone got a favorite router in the $50-100 range (with wireless G, though N would be nice), that can be purchased new. Preferable from a store, so i don't have to wait/pay for shipping.

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get the wrt54gl from newegg

try to buy these items from online only sites

most stores that have actual shopping locations will tend to charge up to twice as much for their stuff

$50 and free shipping http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833124190

and it is the easiest to flash with ddwrt

just get the ddwrt mini, then flash it as you normally would, then restart then flash the full ddwrt firmware and your good to go

i wish they would write a program for those other routers that require lots of monotonous tasks to flash a new firmware, and add something that does it automatically

kinda like what quest made for the actiontec routers. because the stock firmware causes the isps custom firmware to not work when flashing from within the page

it requires many other annoying steps so they just released a program that does all of the work for you

ddwrt needs to do this for their firmware (it would save a lot of questions about how to install it)

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