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Hak5 Age Demographic  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. How old are you, in human years.

    • 17 and Under
    • 18 - 21
    • 21 - 25
    • 26 and Over

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June 19th is also my birthday...:)

o.0 now theres a coincidence i havent seen lol

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I like how the majority of the votes are for 26+ but the majority of the posted ages are 19-

some people vote but do not reply...

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I know, I just found it interesting that the younger members posted while the older ones did not

i think thats due to a generation gap. it seems that for the most part the active forum users are between 13-23ish. which apparently puts out a lot of people. either that or older people just like to lurk around lol

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