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How to defend against Jasager?


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My girlfriend mentioned, while we were at dinner last night, that her laptop started showing all of the networks that she'd ever been on, which immediately made me think that one of her neighbors could perhaps be a fan of Hak5, and could be using Jasager. How can she defend against that, and be able to use her wireless router again without having the neighbor's show her SSID and have it sign in to it instead? Thanks for the help!



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For windows disable wireless zero configuration.

Is OS X vulnerable?

The wireless manager that comes with Ubuntu or Kubuntu is not vulnerable.

Thanks for a quick reply... What will that change, by doing so? Will it allow her to view the WLAN's, and find hers, and still connect ok, but not be attacked by Jasager?

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Yes, Jasager would clone it, and it would have her connect to it automatically, but I don't think Jasager would broadcast her home network as a network to anyone else trying to find a WLAN (Ex: If she was a victim of Jasager and her home network has an ssid of 'linksys', then I don't believe that anyone that would be looking for a network 'manually' would see linksys as a legit AP.

Right, by disabling zero config, she'd need to manually find the SSID and connect.

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Jasager will definitely not store the SSIDs of the access points that your girlfriend has ever connected to, much less will it advertise those as available. All it does is listens to see if anyone is probing for a particular access point and then just impersonates it.

There is something else as well, even if her neighbor had Jasager, he would have to compete with her own router. In other words his signal strength and response time will have to be better than her own access point. And this is highly unlikely.

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