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old box/laps


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i got a new system. old news. due to the questions and other posts you all know this already.

was wondering. since from the stuff people post i assume most of you have old boxes and laptops. do you use them for anything in particular? what do you use them for?

right now my old laptop is very multi-purpose lol. its running as an easily accessed file storage through ftp, its my torrent box, due to its fair quality built in speakers(and this laps crappy ones) its a stereo system, a remote photoshop workstation, i will probably start using it as a game server on occasion for small lan parties and the like. its the only old system ive got so i am getting the most out of it before it dies.

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I use an old pc with a amd athlon xp 2400+ as a small server

it does a good job with hosting things like a battlefield 2 server, a jedi academy server. a shared folder for storing lots of anime

it also hosts my orb2.0 http://www.orb.com/ one of the best programs ever made for watching video on mobile devices, it auto detects the device (cell phone, pda or any other device able to stream and it automatically converts the video in real time to be in the correct format for the device (it also does a speed test so it can better choose a bitrate for you that will keep you getting smooth video )

but depending on the device or if more than one device is connected to it, it can eat up a lot of cpu cycles as it converts the video in real time

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My Old Dell Laptop is currently Running as a Torrent Box, (uTorrent + WebUI) and FTP (Filezilla).

My Old PC, Core2Duo at 3.1Ghz and 2GB of ram is currently running my Network of websites (Apache + PHP) and a Database Server for them (MySQL). Its also running an FTP Server (ftpd).

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