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flock is a browser based off of firefox code so its a quality browser. but it centers around social sites like myspace, twitter, ect, ect. its got interfaces with these sites built in.

i wont go into detail. need to get some sleep. just give it a try yourself. it has a nice little intro video for your first run.

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Flock is a marketing ploy to people who use places like MySpace, but why do you need it if all browsers can already access these sites. Is there any new ground breaking stuff going on in Flock that you can't do with another browser? Please explain when you get the chance, or upload that video some where.

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it builds in the sites to the browser and can update all of their blogs simultaneously, ect, ect, ect. its a browser built for these services. and it brings them all together either in the sidebar or on the page called myworld which is basicaly a display of all your rss feeds(it has a built in reader), friend updates(like twitter's), ect, ect.

and being based off of firefox code its pretty compatible with firefox addons.

to put it simply: ping.fm+firefox+extras=flock

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firefox stays my default browser. was just posting it for all those people who have ping.fm or have tried to join ping.fm

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