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Legal Hacker Wanted???


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Posting real email address (which I assume is also the site he wants tested) is just asking someone who is a real hacker to go and hack that site. Craigslist allow syou to keep your email private while still allowing you to receive messages from people in Craigslist. 90% of what I have dealt with people on Craigslist are scammers, con-artists who are only harvesting email addresses and people who never had a job offer or product to sell in the first place.

Recently a guy used Craigslist to pull a Joker from the new batman type of bank heist. I advertised needed labor workers for a day and said he would pay them like 25/hr for one days work. they needed to show up at a specific address wearing goggles, yellow vest's and hardhats with blue jeans(Or somehting to that effect). The bank robber wore the same outfit and waited for the people to show up. He then wnet inan dheld up the bank, fleeing the scene with all the money, while a bunch of unsuspecting people looking to make some money sat around while the police showed up and started arresting them. Not sure fo the guy got away with it, but they didn't catch him that day. Maybe they traced it back to some account on craigslist, but that's just one sneaky example of why I don't trust Craigslist.

If you can find it, watch the movie 24hr's on Craigslist.

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well, I have no reason to make this shit up. lol Its too funny to make up a story like that.

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We are looking for a HACKER who is a professional and extremely experienced to perform a legal hacking job to take down one of my own sites. Will explain upon contact.

Please submit your resume at marketingdept@rooneyhomes.com or call 703-750-3332

Hi, I will give you $20 if you can take down a small website I made

if your able to take down google, then this whole $20 will be yours

could be like those people who you see every once in a while who would be like

hey I want to test if my firewall is good or nor, can you attack this ip... (aka ip or some game server in which punk buster banned him for using a wallhack )

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