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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


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wolfenstein enemy territory is a game made by id software. its a standalone multiplayer game. with a server based system. its a game based on the quake 2 engine. it is 100% free and the source is everywhere across the net. making custom maps and mods is fairly easy with the sdk's that are out.

but anyway. its a free first person shooter. its incredibly easy on gaming rigs. i was playing it very smoothly on my old laptop(512 meg ram with intel mobile m processor. 5 year old dell). it still looks good though and is a lot of fun once you really get into it. been a member of a gaming clan for about 2 years now.

wolfet has a huge following and there are thousands of servers. its easy to setup a server as well. just click host game, and check "make dedicated server". thats all it takes to setup a home server.

but anyway for more info check this site http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/enemyterritory/

and if you want good servers to play on check my clan's servers. http://fieldofbattles.org

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not download the game files from the planetwolfenstein site. download the 2.55 version from my clan's site. 2.55 is a much more "fun" version than 2.6 which is a more competitive setup.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTmYx7KTOkI gameplay

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