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F.E.A.R combat


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everyone by now has heard of the game fear. well like wolfenstein enemy territory there is a stand alone multiplayer version of the game thats available for free. this is called fear combat.

here is the site


important note

ignore that it says cd key on the website and in the installation. just fill out a form and the key will be emailed to you. no this is not illegal. its basically forced registration and nothing else. the game is 100% free.

after FINALLY playing it on this new laptop i realize its a very high quality multiplayer game. and it still retains some of the creepy factor of the real game. just play it for a bit. host your own game alone and run around. see if you dont catch yourself looking for some evil demon in the game lol. especially if youve got high quality headphones like mine. youll be looking everywhere lol. its a good game, its free, its FEAR.

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thanx for this post. been wanting to try this game.

multiplayer is pretty good.

just started playing the single player game lol. makes me jump sometimes lol.

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Oh boy. I remember when I was addicted to this lol. This would make another good LAN segment. Only thing is that those with low end PC's might struggle to run this a bit.

The singleplayer games were also quite amazing. The atmosphere is great too. However, all the games are quite similar though.. but they're still great. FEAR 2 coming out is running off a new engine and looks A LOT nicer. This will hopefully change up the repetitiveness.

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yeah low end machines will struggle. but even my crappy old laptop (could run half-life 1 but not warsow. just as example) could run this game but even with minimum settings the framerate couldnt have been more than 10-15 fps.

but this machine runs just fine.

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