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Hey guys, i found this really cool mod that you can get on steam for $10 USD. its called GMOD 10 [not 9] and it uses the CS:S TF2 and/or HL2 models and maps to create an environment. its multiplayer through steam only. and if you buy CS:S and GMOD10 together on steam you get $5 off!!

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Probably one of the BEST sandbox tools/game you'll ever come by. You can pretty much make whatever your mind tells you in Gmod. You just need some creativity and tinkering.

It's very addon-easy and also has some nice ingame mods too.

Fun things to do/play are:

Original - Sandbox

Zombie Survival


etc.etc.etc (too much stuff to add).

I recommend getting this. It's totally worth the $10.

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There are also some good roleplaying servers on Gmod, such as Taco n' Banana (fair warning: they are REALLY SERIOUS about roleplay, you will get kick/banned a lot if you don't read the rules) and some DarkRP servers.

Spacebuild 3 is also fun, its in beta right now though.

My favorite thing to do in Gmod though is to make contraptions with wiremod, its basically a logic circuit mod that allows you to make nearly any system (even working PCs in game) if you have the technological knowhow. I've made some vector auto-turrets, security systems, vehicle control systems, and other things with it.


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