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Autocopy USB info to PC folder


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Hello everybody!

First sorry about my bad english.

well the thing is that I want to copy my teachers usb information. Do you know some application wich do this? You have to know that I only can access to my teachers computer in guest mode (no admin mode). So I can´t install any software in the computer (I think the solution is a portable application). Another point is that when a teacher start a class always reboot the computer so it´s important that the application startup in silence mode (you know, windows autostart application).

The idea is to put this app in the teachers computer and in two or three mounths copy the folder with all the pen drives information (just power point, word, excel,... files that will help me to understand and get good cualifications).

I found this app: usb copier.


in this post


It´s perfect but usb copier doesn´t autostart with windows. Could you tell me one good application to do this? or please could you modify usb copier to do this?

Thank you very very much and again really sorry about my bad english.

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it would seem to me that the usb hacksaw would pretty much fit the description of what youre looking to do. also check out usbhacks.com. no one is gonna do it for you, you need to read and understand how to use these tools and how they work for yourself. also in the future dont tell people your what your intentions are, other wise you'll have the moral police invading every post you make in every thread.

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