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Linux Live Expo 2008

Lord C

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Anyone from the Hak5 community heading down to the Linux Live Expo in London this year?

Fuck yea. :lol: Although could be a load of shit, that said there is usually one tool that makes me go 'oooh i'll buy and implement that at work'.

Just registered. 12 quid on the door is a joke though.

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Also registered. Didn't know there was a fee on the door, odd.

I'll be looking around for plastic pineapples >:P

Got my badge! yay.

I don't think it'll be a hackers thing. Although you do get the odd person there who'd doing something interesting. They'll probably be loads of people trying to sell you something.

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I'm going on Friday morning, only time I can make it.

As for £12 on the door, I can't find anything out about that, website still says free registration, and Linux World Expo (what it was before, but not on last year) which I went to twice was free always.

If they ask for money then I'll say no, let me in for free or I'm not going to bother. As I live in London I'm don't have to worry about travel.

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Came back from the expo today. It was quite good.

Saw some small form-factor pc's that were really good. They are made by transtec. Core 2 duo, really sleak stuff. only 400 quid (expo price), Their website has a 'build your own' web page.

Got chatting (at length, those poor guys) to the openNMS people (hey Darren, do a segment on these guys if you haven't already), think nagios but more spiffy.

The drupal guys, really laid their product out. Was thinking of using it for various personal projects, but it looks like I could implement this stuff at work.

Talked to one of the kernel devs for openBsd too. I just like chatting to these guys and saying 'hey, I dig (note, only one 'g') your work.

Also go talking to a few of the kde guys. One was their foundation employee, would have like to talk to her more, but the geekness inside of me found a muse in the other kde guy. Can't remember his name for the life of me, but he's on the board of directors for the foundation. I'd just installed kde 4.1.2 the day before and I wanted to talk all things kde :) We must have gone on for like 20mins. haha

Also saw the kaemilla bbc guy their too. Didn't get to chat to him unfortunately. He's a real old school hacker type. I love talking to those guys. They make you realise that you know nothing! haha

Overall, good session.

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