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How can a n00b help this project?

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I've been able to install Jasager after following Darren's instructions. However looking at Digininja's site and todo list is pretty much greek to me.

I want to help with this project but with limited skills I feel usless just waiting around till the next Hak5 show to see what to do next.

So my question to the boards.

What can I do?

Or where can read to help me to help you guys?

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A non-programming challenge, if you could find some time in my schedule for me to spend more time working on the todo list that would be great :-)

Best things you can do are just use it, report bugs/problems/things that are unclear and also anything you'd like to see, then the todo list can grow even longer!

Maybe a write up of your experience setting it up, anything that you found hard or any tricks that you found, maybe you bypassed a step or know how to do something better.

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