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Hi, i just recently discovered the arduino and i thought this would be a great project base for hak5 or anyone else to do. The arduino can do many things, control servos, stepper motors, ultrasonic range finders, serial, etc...

You could build a really cool robot from it. You can get two arduinos to talk to each other via i2c or serial. You can also use it to control some type of ethernet device. You could connect it to a ssc-32 servo controller from lynxmotion and control up to 32 servos. Using the wave sheild you can also get it to play music. You can even upgrade the heart of the arduino from the ATmega168 to the ATmega328, for better performance. I think hak5 can build many different projects from this whether it is an electronic device or a robot (which would be a really cool project) for the show. It is easy to use and program, and very cheap. On youtube there are many project ideas for the arduino, and the arduino's website ( http://www.arduino.cc/ ) has great documentation and tutorials on the arduino also the community is good too. Also another really good website for the arduino is http://www.ladyada.net/make/ .

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