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Opps.. DHCP on Fon

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While messing around with trying to get ICS working or the Fon to access the internet through my laptop, I set the Fon to DHCP and now I have no idea what the ip address is for settings.

I tried the ip addy that was static and listed as a "if something happens" in settings, but I think something else also happened because when I connect to the fon now, I get an ip address of 169.147.x.x (think it is), which reminds me of when windows can not get an address it just throws this ip range in..

I've tried things like connecting 2 devices to the fon and trying to tracert through it to see the IP, IP scanning is happening at home while I'm at work trying to find it..

If you have any ideas, let me know and I'll try once I get home. I don't want to buy another but if I have to, I will ;(

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after reading through some other post and the info about bricked Fon's I can probably go back to Step 11 and reFlash the Fon, since this doesn't connect with me supplying the ip address but just through which ever interface i'm using

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Connect your computer to the Fon device and turn on wireshark, it should start seeing activity on it and should show you what IP its coming from. That's its new IP.

If it doesn't have any IP you could turn on Internet Connection Sharing on your wifi and let the ethernet port as the port you are sharing with and it would turn on DHCP for that port and give an IP to your FON.

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I'll try these things when I get home..

I had changed the network setting from static to DHCP and the setting from bridge to none (both on same network page) I also think the DNS IP was wrong. Yeh I was screwin with things, playin with getting my laptop to share it's real wifi connection over the ethernet connection to the Fon

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TSO, wireshark trick does work. Yesterday when the FON's eth0 interface to automatically get an IP from DHCP (DHCPd gets turned on for my ethernet on my laptop once you turn on ICS) I didn't know what the DHCP range was so i turned off the FON, turned on Wireshark for the lappy's ethernet and then turned on the FON and when t he FON started looking for an IP Wireshark picked it right up.

Ofcourse reflashing the FON works too, I think i've done that 3 times :D

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