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P2P on port 80?


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First of all hi, to all you people which do a great job here on hak5 and on the forums.

My problem resides in the fact that i recently was "forced" to change isp networks and from my current residence the free internet connection [only connection] isn't working how it should. The network administrators closed all ports except port 80 so as to overcome piracy and illegal webservers on their network.

So what about my problem. I used to use a lot torrenting to download big software images, like linux distros and tv shows that i can't get in my country. ohh yeah , internet tv too. But that isn't an option anymore like you've figured out already. could you please help me?

P.S. i remember i watched a hak5 episode sometime in which they routed all the traffic and encrypted it on port 80, or something like that. Any help would be gratefull.

Thanks in advance!

With respect,


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