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Very Wierd Singularity


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The following is a story about what happened to me one day concerning my email account and one enormous load of SPAM that simply vanished. I've gone into some lengthy conversations with people about how this could of happened, but with no conclusive findings. Maybe someone here can offer a theory.

A couple years ago one day at my college, I decided to check my webmail from the school lounge computers. These were old desktop mac computers, the kind that laid flat under the monitor. When I opened up my SquirrelMail account, the webpage ran extremely slow. I saw that I had somewhere in the range of 49,000 new emails in my InBox. They all had 'spammish' subject headers and the domain names seemed to be from my hosting company TeraByte.com (@moe.terabyte.com, @terabyte.com and several variations)

I didn't delete anything because the computer was running at glacial speeds. Instead I waited a few hours till I got home to start deleting...only to find that when I logged on, every Spam email was gone without a trace. Weird.

Some people suggested this was due because of the way the old Macs interface with the mail server, or that somehow I logged on as an admin or someone else.

Can anyone shed some light on the subject?

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