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Showing you guys some of my apps


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Hi guys.

I just want to let you guys know about some apps I've made for Windows.

Most of them aim to fill in some of the blanks in Windows.

The two apps which I'm proud of the most are SuperF4 and AltDrag:

  • When you got SuperF4 running, you can hit Ctrl+Alt+F4 at any time to kill the program you have selected. This is different from the usual Alt+F4, which only asks the program to quit. I made SuperF4 to help me out when games hang, you can't get out from fullscreen and have to reboot. Now I can just press Ctrl+Alt+F4 and I'm back to windows in a second. Also useful if you have to exit TF2 while its loading, etc. I recently added the ability to press [the windows key]+F4 and then click on the window you want to kill.
  • AltDrag will help you move windows around on the screen. You can just hold the alt key down and grab any window on the screen with the mouse and move it around. I got inspired from the same feature in Linux. You can also hold shift to make the window stick to other windows. I can't tell you how much I love this program.

I got two other programs which are useful sometimes, KillKeys and ShutdownGuard:

  • KillKeys can disable keys on your keyboard. Initially it's configured to disable the windows buttons and the menu button, but you can configure it to disable other keys as well. The idea is to prevent accidentally pressing the keys in games, but right now it always disables the keys, even when you're not in a game. I'm planning to update the program to make it possible to only disable some keys when you are in a fullscreen window.
  • ShutdownGuard prevents the computer to shutdown, reboot or log off. When a program attempts to do so, ShutdownGuard will prevent it and prompt you if you want to continue. I'm pretty certain ShutdownGuard will crash in Vista, since microshaft have redone a lot about the security there. I guess in most cases you won't need ShutdownGuard anyways, I'm not even using this app myself anymore. It's not a big priority for me to make it compatible with Vista.

The programs don't have a GUI, only a tray icon. They're pretty discrete and are supposed to be there without being in the way.

Maybe SuperF4 and AltDrag are worthy to be featured on the show?

Any feedback is appreciated. :)

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Nice effort with the apps, luckily I have a G15 keyboard and i can lock the windows key anyway however it could be useful for stupid mistakes in fast fps games when you accidently combine ALT + TAB in some mash of the board just before you die :)

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I REALLY like the SuperF4. Whenever my local GMod Server crashes or when my Synergy server hangs, I don't need to wait 5mins to get back to the desktop to tell my friends that I just lagged out so that they don't go running off thinking I've abandoned them :P.

Great app*!

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