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DD-WRT Fon to OPEN-WRT Fon ?


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Hey guys, just wanna ask a quick question about flashing a Fon running DD-WRT to OPEN-WRT ? wanna know if anyone has done this before, and if its worth buying 2 fons running DD-WRT :P a tutorial would be good ;)... i found a few threads via google but nothing too great :P thanks guys


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I did this with a fonera that I got for free, from a fon promotion that I came across on digg a while back. Around the same time as I received the fonera, this tutorial came out on Mubix' site. I followed it and monkey'd around with it for a bit, but it never went anywhere.

Fast-forward to the present. Once Der Jasager was released, I bought two foneras (both of which I received from fon, with the necessary firmware for Der Jasager). One for Der Jasager, and the other for the fon bomb. Yeah, I know, "Why waste a fonera on a jammer?" I was really just itching for an excuse to do something.

I re-flashed the first fonera I received with the original firmware, using this guide. I'm keeping it around as a spare, just in case.

I'd say if you have your eyes on a deal for a couple of foneras with DD-Wrt installed, then it's totally do-able. Good luck.

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Sorry for posting so much, but if/when you do restore the original fonera firmware using this tutorial, The link in the first step "Access Redboot" is missing. This is the link.

In the Access Redboot guide, set it all up via a a second router as per the directions. I had some bit of trouble trying to go straight from a PC to the fonera.

Also, if for some reason IPs have been re-configured, just use Angry IP scanner or Nmap to locate the fonera's IP(s).

Be well

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cheers for the post m8, i'll have a look at those text's when i get the routers, i've found out its very possible to do it, so im gonna get them anyway ... found a guide on open-wrt wiki also that explains how to get open-wrt onto a dd-wrt enabled fon :P so heres hoping :) thanks again for the info ;)


EDIT: Thought i would add this to help people out ;) DD-WRT To OPEN-WRT :D.

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