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La Fonera or La Fonera+

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So I go and get a Fonera and I have 2 options:

Pay £25 inc. P&P for a La Fonera


Pay £37.95 inc. P&P for a La Fonera+

I am leaning towards the La Fonera because I can use the 4AA battery pack and Jasager was built for the non + La Fonera but for the extra ethernet port, is it worth the extra £12.95?

(BTW. yes, it is going in a box [Don't know about a pineapple])

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Had a go at unlocking using this method.

Got as far as arping. Was getting no response. Edited the script to check instead of 1.1, and altered my IP appropriately.

This was my response:

/srv/tftp# ./catch_fonera+

ARPING from eth0

Unicast reply from [00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX] 1.657ms

Sent 120 probes (120 broadcast(s))

Received 1 response(s) inverse host lookup failed: Unknown host

Figured if I could get redboot on there, with that method, I could continue the Hak5 tutorial around step12 (flashing the firmware).

This one seems utter nonsense to me.

Looks like another way to get SSH working is with the francofon addon.

Some dude called Antonio seems to be getting somewhere, but this post is old :/

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I would strongly advise against the +

I recently picked one up and discovered that none of the existing approaches will work on it -- I still haven't been able to get to redboot. Telnet attempts are now met with RSTs and none of the existing injection exploits will enable SSH. I'm running some tests to see what might work, but so far it's just a huge pain in the ass with this version.

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I've been doing a lot of work trying to get openwrt installed on the Fon+. Loads of people say that they've done it but there seems to be little proof and no one is actually saying how it was done.

So, for now, I'm going to give up on Kamekazi and go back to a fully opened version of the Fonera firmware which is, as far as I know, openwrt 7.06. I've got a source who has given me loads of pointers and does know how to do it so hopefully that will work.

For Jasager, as long as I can get ruby and a web server on the device then I can get it working so all should be ok. I was supposed to be doing it tonight but fell asleep in front of Black Adder instead. Will try to look at it tomorrow.

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That unlocking looks good, but we still don't have flashing.

I still cannot get redboot to work.

I have my eth0 in ubuntu set to, I have firmware_francofon.bin in apache's web dir.

Running redboot perl script gives me the errors shown in the screenshot above.

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I have ssh on the Fon+ and an up-to-date firmware, unfortunately it is the fonera firmware not kamikaze but it is a lot more up-to-date than the one that comes pre-installed.

Turned out not to be too hard in the end, just took a long time to find the right tutorial and even longer trying all the ones that failed because of how long it takes to write the firmware each time.

I'm going to sort out packages (installing unneeded and installing needed) tomorrow night then I'll post my how-to.

This proves that the fonera people have a sense of humour

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Please forgive a slightly confused n00b, and feel ree to spank or apply 'n00b-lube' as the mood takes you, but.....

.....am I right in thinking that Jasager can be made to work correctly on the Fon+ and that there's a (relatively) simple tutorial available that describes how it's done?

Thanks :)

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