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Website hacking, actionscript and Java injection.


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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I am a 26 year old graphic designer from the East Coast. Lately I've been getting into some programming and light scripting. I started with Basic (way back in the day with Apple IIe's in grade school, then moved on to HTML and CSS. More recently I've learned a good amount of actionascript, XML, some Java and a some webscripting like FormMail.

Pretty harmless stuff, but I'm really intrigued with Actionscript used for hacking perposes, java injection, email spoofing and myspace hijaking.

Anyone have any interesting stories about these topics they would like to share?


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Need some help on the new intro. Really not sure where we're going with it. I've been so busy with the set and the DVD that I haven't had a chance to really brainstorm but for season two we want to do all new graphics and lower-thirds.

So yeah, we're not sure what we want yet.

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I'm decent with flash and photoshop.

I dont really have a portfolio though, as I'm in 9th grade.

I'll have a lot of extra time starting in about a week.

I'd love to help in anyway possible.

Maybe I could make the title bars that go under the screen if you need something new and it isnt already done.

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