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Ubuntu Eee version


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Hey folks,

anyone tried the eee version of Ubuntu?



I've installed it on my eeepc 900 and for so far I think it's a handy OS for the netbook users among us.

Let me know what your experiences are with this distri.

See ya.

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When I installed Eee-ubuntu last week, it seemed really great and fine. So after I had tested it out I asked my wife to boot up her computer with it. She liked the design of it, but the second time she booted it up the keyboard didn't respond at all, although the mouse was working. It was quite strange! A reboot took care of it, but it makes me wonder...

The wireless on Eee-Ubuntu seems fine to me. It's just that the connection settings in Ubuntu, especially for wireless, took me a little while to get used to. There is some strange roaming setting, which is good to use if you're using DHCP, but not good if you're using a static IP. Once I got used to Ubuntu's wireless, I found that it's easier to use than Windows wireless settings (I often switch around between several static IPs and don't understand why Windows has such an unfriendly way to modify the connection settings). Ubuntu puts all the connections in one place and it's more logical that way, IMO.

I'll do some more testing with Eee-ubuntu. But I'm thinking maybe I should just customize Backtrack 3 for the eee 701 instead.

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I'm running it on my 901 and I love it. The only thing that doesn't work is the CPU throttling feature when it's on battery. All the fn keys on the keyboard work perfectly as well as the wireless card.

I'm running this distro on my eee 1000h and it runs great, I have found only one problem. Out of the box, the os does not mount usb drives well. I found that editing the fstab to exclude the pre-existing cdrom line solves the problem, other than that it works great.

Particularly putting the laptop in standby it very quick, perfect for mobile users like me.

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