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well anyone who has been to my site knows i use a free webhost. zymic (im using a subdomain of zxq.net) is a pretty good webhost despite what youve heard. my only real issues are the lack of things you can upload (there is a huge list of filetypes that cant be uploaded) and downtime. they go down about once every 2-3 days. but luckily its only for about 5-20 minutes at a time. and considering the huge amount BW and storage they provide(well huge for a free service at least) its pretty much worth it.

but im writing a small fantasy series now(got bored. decided to write a book. what do you do when your bored?) that ill be releasing chapter by chapter onto the web. now i was going to do this on my site but i update randomly and i thought it would be better to have a site just to the book itself(first chapter isnt done yet but shouldnt be much longer). im also going to start a podcast(again. bored. its what i do) that ill be giving its own site.

now i would register these at zymic but they have been having issues with hosting registration. for over a month i havent been able to register a new one so they are out for now.

i wanted to know some of the better free webhosts out there. just know i need to be able to install wordpress because its awesome. past that i need some serious bw for the podcast. anything would probably do for the book.

and please no places with any form of forced advertising. zymic doesnt force any advertisements at all and i'd like to keep my sites that way. since i may need to setup some type of advertisements myself so i can get some hosting.

just post if you guys dont mind.

p.s. dont ask about the book or podcast here. ill post all the info on both on my next update of http://roguehart.zxq.net once i get the 2 sites setup

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Well, the SLA on free hosting is likely to be shite, but 110mb.com seems to be highly praised.

lol was about to register for them and found the registration.php is down lol. but looking at their list of features they seem like a good place. thanks


nvm. wont be registering there. need mysql free.

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