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Best first 10 programs for begginers


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Ok. Pretend it is your first day of programming. You know nothing. You are a Noob. What do you think are the best first 10 programs you should start making?

Skip "hello world" since it is the absolute first step no matter what.

You can make lists for different languages if you wish.

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1. an addition program. as in "enter 2 numbers." "the sum of the numbers is" teaches simple input output

2. a small txt adventure game. (check the wiki under community projects for a small one). takes input output to another level

3. a guessing game. randomization + input output.

thats all i have for you

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Basic text editor. Open, edit and save text files. Image crop, resize and image viewer. String manipulation, math calculations, and format conversions (like ascii to hex or hex to binary, base64, then back to plain text, or md5 hashing, make yoru own md5 converted wordlists to crack passwords).

Those were some of the one first things I did with programming, learning how to open files and edit them and save information to output files. Manipulating strings of data and such. Then working with loops and arrays(which I still struggle with arrays at times since I do not program on a regular basis). Moved on from there to the web side with PHP and MySql, entering data into databases, pulling the data out and displaying it in a readable format, formatting it for use like plotting pins on a google map, etc.

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Setting variables and displaying

Logic on variables and displaying

Data types and I/O

Calculations and other math operations

Defining arrays

Sorting arrays (bubble sort, swap sort)

Banking interest rates for different durations

NFL Passer Rating calculation

Pointers Intro

Vectors Intro

I believe that about sums up my CmpSci 101 I took in College. The next class would get into more OO principles - classes, objects, polymorphism, etc

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i created alot of console programs in C++ before i dove into GUI and know i know quite alot about it..basicly

find out what you wanna do at the end... and take small steps

first i learned about WinMain then the WindowsProcedure then the WNDCLASSEX

then button controls edit controls etc..etc

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