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Video Card Recommendation


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Basically, what I plan to do is purchase a new video card, however, I'm not quite sure which one will work with my default system.

Basically, I'll link the eMachines site so you can look at the default system specs, as nothing has changed, of the most part.


You'll have to click the "+" next to Specifications to see the specs.

The only thing I changed in the system was the RAM, which is now at 2gb.


The above link is the new RAM.

I'd appreciate any feedback on what video card I should go for, preferably $90 or less. I'd like to at least be able to run TF2 at decent settings, and run WoW on high settings without it being jittery.

Thanks upfront for any help,


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That Celeron's probably not gonna help you as far as gaming grunt goes, but at least you have a PCIe slot. This means you can use pretty much any currently available graphics card (rather than if you'd had a machine with AGP, which would've meant you would have to stick to old cards).

Try http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814121255 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814121251.

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ATI has dropped the prices on a lot of their cards lately. Especially their HD cards, most of which are now at around or under $100

Low power consumption for smaller power supply's like the ones in the gateways emachines, so they will still run fairly decent without any problems while giving great video and rendering quality.

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Make sure that your PSU has:

A ) the power

B ) the right connectors to hook up to the card

I recentlly bought a friends hand me down an ATI 1950XTX for a whopping £40 and found out that I needed a 6 pin connector which the original PSU did not have.

£20 later and another hand me down part, I was away playing TF2 on pretty much full settings.

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You need to find out what your PSU is.

You need to find out if there's room in your case for a 10 inch ish card.

You need to find out if your PSU has a 6-pin connector, which all the latest cards require.

To run TF2 on good settings you will want a GeForce 8 series or higher, or equivalent ATI.

This means you need a 550W psu REALLY FUCKING MINIMUM. Liek srsly put a 650 in it.

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His specs say it has a PCI-Express® (PCI-E x16) slot available for upgrade, so his PSU might have the connectors. If not, he would have to upgrade the PSU just to be able to use a PCI-Express card then.

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Its a crappy e-machine (sorry, but it is). Putting a 650W PSU in that would make as much fiscal sense as putting a chrome V12 in a '97 Honda Civic. If he was going for a 650W fancy pants PSU then he should spend that money on a faster CPU, which would make way more difference in his day to day life. Putting a graphics card in to an emachine that needs a high-end psu would be expensive waste of money. All that is called for here is a ok-ish £50 graphics card, ATI 2400 , NV 8600GT or similar. Anything more and you should consider saving up for a new PC.

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