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Blackberry Bold?


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I haven't paid it much attention. I thought it was coming out in Canada first.

It doesn't really matter to me that much. My blackberry curve does whats most important to me. In order of importance:

1. Place calls

2. Tether to my laptop

3. Text Message

4. Google Maps

5. Email on device

6. Browse the web (in a pinch)

7. Tape pictures / MMS

8. Play MP3s

9. Get on IRC

10. Twitter

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I'm still rocking a treo 700w and it's getting slower by the day. I've been torn between the bold and storm, though I may not be able to hold out long enough for either one.

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I've a curve at the moment also.

I can't make up my mind at the moment, it's either got to be the HTC Touch Pro, Blackberry Thunder/Storm (not sure on the touch qwerty tho), or wait to see what other Android phones are realesed (aweful recpection with T-Mobile where I live in UK).

My upgrade isn't till late next month.

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both have drawbacks for me...

- if i go with the storm, there's not a real keyboard

- if i go with the bold, i have to switch to at&t/cingular/bell south/at&t mobility

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