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What makes up an episode of Hak5?

Darren Kitchen

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While waiting for an episode to render I decided to annotate the typical season4 episode time-line.

Of course no two episodes are the same. This particular episode, 406, ran shorter than most. We typically shoot for three 7 minute segments or a 3, 5, and 7 minute segment. This almost never happens :P. 406 features two 4s and a 9. Actual segment content not counting intro, trivia, lan party, ads, bloopers or banter is ~70% while ad content is ~6%. The rest is technolust :P

407 will look nothing like this since we're doing documentary style narration mixed with interviews from Toorcon. Editing will probably take a good 14 hours.

Anyway, the DNA of a season 4 episode:


From left to right:

1: Semi-transparent Revision3 bug overlay in the top-right corner

2: Revision3 / Hak5 pre-roll graphics, ad billboards and voice over

3: Evil Server bit, Title Graphics

4: Introduction / Whip "going around the room"

5: Segment 1

6: Trivia

7: Ad

8: Community Bulletin or Sketch

9: Segment 2

A: Community Bulletin or Sketch

B: LAN Party

C: Ad

D: ~One-Minute Tip

E: Segment 3

F: Wrap up - forums/irc/twitter/bbs/etc

1: Ad

2: Wrap up - Upcoming events

3: Credits

4: Out-takes

5: Trust your Technolust / "Skateboard Kid"

I know this level of dissection invites feedback and criticism so if you've got ideas about this format I welcome them.

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