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Offensive security wifu tutorial video


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@DeepN1KE ye they are good money but there still like $700 and im just a 15 year old school kid lol.

@metatron I've seen that, but it's hard to get a legit copy, most or either virus infected or something different :/

A lot of the Backtrack stuff can be learned by trial and error. Search the websites for the tools on Backtrack and how to use them. There are TONS of online tutorials on Backtrack, as well as some video demos using some of the tools. YouTube even has some Backtrack videos(Most of which are jus WEP and WPA cracking tuts) but keep googling for specific things in Backtrack you want to learn about. This will at least get you started with WiFi stuff.

edit: site seems to not have all their older videos on BT stuff, but YouTube still has some

www.infinityexists.com has some Backtrack Stuff that might interest you as well as some other topics related to hacking.

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