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AHH cant delete file!! its terrible


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so i dowloaded gears of war.. that game didnt work so i bought it.. now when i went to delete the dowloaded one i get this error :P


all i wanna do is get rid of it... please help!!


The chances of it actually been file system error in the case as well? Unlikely.

Your error is slightly different, more likely a problem with explorer in some way. Try delete the file from the command prompt.

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So, you downloaded it, as in Warez/torrent/cracked version? That would be mistake #1. Most likely, its malware/rootkit of some sort.

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Make sure the program isn't running.

DEL /F /AHRS filename

Just be carefull what you delete. You may not be able to boot afterwards.

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not to be a dick, but jeez, get off warez's back. It's not always, or I would venture to say even usually, filled with viruses and exotic hard-drive rotting STDs. Scene release groups operate almost purely on reputation, so its pretty advantageous for them not to have malware packed in with their releases. That being said I suspect I know what is wrong.

The error you are receiving is literally exactly correct: the filename is too long.

did you download it to like

C:documents and settings/users/yourname/downloads/Gears.of.really.long.filename.with.periods.instead.of.spaces.I.dont.know.why.the

y.do.that.war/ ??

so then you try to delete it, and most of the files in that folder deleted, because they have shortish filenames.

but the file in the error message has a long name, so basically you have a ton of characters in the filename, but windows can only use filenames with fewer than x characters.

The solution is either a program to do it for you, or command prompt. Just delete it from there. But don't blame warez. Its not about being holier than thou. I mean i know piracy is wrong, but that doesn't make you seem cooler to act ignorant about it.

Oh, and the unusably long filename... thats why the game wouldn't work in the first place.

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I'd 2nd that comment about warez, the stuff i get is better quality than the stuff you might buy in a store. If you a numpty then yes, warez are problimatic, but if you know what your doing and where to go "shopping" then you rarely get anything thats bad.

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ah I'm glad you agree. I definitely expected to have everyone start flaming how awful piracy is.

But honestly, in the last month I pirated Dead Space, Far Cry 2, and Call of Duty: World at War. And since I pirated them, I have actually purchased both Dead Space and Far Cry. I was unimpressed by Call of Duty, so I uninstalled it.

I don't think I stole anything. If I like a game, I will support its makers, and more selfishly I will want to play the multiplayer, or have access to something the pirated edition wont, and 95% of the time I end up buying the game.

God that reminds me of Spore, and DRM. ok if we want to talk about this we should start another thread, this is pretty off topic from trying to delete a file lol.

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