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Crackme Challanage Idea


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Challanage? Challange? I think you'll find that's "challenge".

On a second note, I don't see how "someone posts something, and then someone else, and then someone else" is a challenge. There's no challenge there, mate.

Stop organising the challenges, just create one. If you have spare time, write a set of rules, and just make it happen. Be it a crackme, or coding contest. You don't have to say "someone does this, and then someone does that", because that's just bollocks. Nothing is going to come from that.

The last part, is that crackme's are boring like fuck. I think nearly everyone has done crackme's, and developing them is even more boring that trying to crack them. That's going to die out soon. A good old fashioned coding contest would be perfect, but one thing that would make it interesting, is having everyone's "signature language" (my signature language is C++) in your profile, and then have *everyone* use another language than their signature language. Just to though things up a bit.

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Here is a challenge. Download the original respondus browser, and see if you can get it to allow you full access to the computer. It blocks the use of CTRL+ALT+Delete, task manager, and a slew of other programs. It in itself is a challenge, so for educational purposes, if you can get it to unblock those key features, then I'd say you met the challenge or "challange" as you put it: http://www.respondus.com/LDB2/LockDownBrow...nstid=876544206

If you really want to learn crackmes or just challenge yourself, that one is as good a place as any to start. I have already cracked that one but it was a nice learning experience to say the least.

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That would be illegal, we're talking crackmes not licenced software

Well, if you are just doing it to learn and not sell or profit from it, I see no harm in it. Im not talking about going and cracking software for defeating serial number authentication or registration to use a program, just something to learn how to use a debugger and how all of it works.

I have already done the respondus browser and gotten it to unblock the lockdown it places on a pc, but I have no need or use for the program itself and only did it for my own learning experience. I am not a student at the college it came from, but the program itself was a challenge in itself because of how it locks down the pc.

Warez and stuff like that is not what I was getting at. Being able to understand and learn how to use a debugger is what I was talking about. I leave the legal standpoint to the person doing the debugging. Your ethic will guide you, not my opinions on the law...I personally see it as ethical hacking.

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