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ICanHasCheezburger.Com Sold for $2 million


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The creators of icanhascheezburger.com just sold their site! This is a good way to get rich: See a funny captioned photo on the 'net, make a lot of variations on that theme, write a book about it, and then sell it for maximum profit. http://revision3.com/internetsuperstar/ica...lay=true&hp

I can has $2 million for this website? 128673481430589610.jpg

What a lot of cash for some funny pictures.

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Cats are far greater than dogs.

cats only see humans as warm blooded furniture while a dogs love and loyalty is unconditional. i like cats but i like dogs much more.

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Dogs are loyal to a fault. They often return to cruel owners because they no no better. In most instances cats will bail and seek a better home. Still, to each his own I;m just into dogs. Cats don't pander to our egoes.

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