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adding songs to my phone


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everytime i try to add a ring tone to my phone it gives me this error now i am using bitpim my phone is Samsung SPH-A860

now i know very little about this stuff any ideas would be welcome

BitPim version: 1.0.6-official
 An unexpected exception has occurred.
 Please see the help for details on what to do.

 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "gui.pyo", line 284, in run
   File "gui.pyo", line 159, in __call__
   File "gui.pyo", line 1934, in senddata
   File "gui.pyo", line 1946, in writeringtone
   File "phones\com_samsungspha620.pyo", line 301, in saveringtones
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 106, in stat
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 139, in _getdirectory
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 560, in getfilesystem
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 482, in listsubdirs
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 755, in sendbrewcommand
   File "phones\com_phone.pyo", line 114, in setmode
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 693, in _setmodebrew
   File "phones\com_brew.pyo", line 810, in sendbrewcommand
 CommsWrongPort: SPH-A840: The port you are using is echoing data back, and is not valid for Brew data.  Most likely you have selected the modem interface when you should be using the diagnostic interface.

 Variables by last 8 frames, innermost last

 Frame stat in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 106
            self =  <phones.com_brew._DirCache instance at 0x02C30878>
        filename =  'ams/Ringers/cnts1.gcd'

 Frame _getdirectory in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 139
            node =  Keys []
            self =  <phones.com_brew._DirCache instance at 0x02C30878>
         dirname =  'ams/Ringers'
          ensure =  True

 Frame getfilesystem in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 560
            self =  <phones.com_samsungspha840.Phone object at 0x08056550>
         recurse =  0
             dir =  'ams/Ringers'

 Frame listsubdirs in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 497
               i =  0
            self =  <phones.com_samsungspha840.Phone object at 0x08056550>
             req =  <phones.p_brew.listdirectoryrequest object at 0x08058AD0>
         recurse =  0
         results =  Keys []
             dir =  'ams/Ringers'

 Frame sendbrewcommand in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 755
     callsetmode =  True
         request =  <phones.p_brew.listdirectoryrequest object at 0x08058AD0>
            self =  <phones.com_samsungspha840.Phone object at 0x08056550>
   responseclass =  <class 'phones.p_brew.listdirectoryresponse'>

 Frame setmode in phones\com_phone.pyo at line 116
     desiredmode =  'modebrew'
            self =  <phones.com_samsungspha840.Phone object at 0x08056550>
         strmode =  'none'
  strdesiredmode =  'brew'
            func =  '_setmodebrew'
               v =  'writeobject'

 Frame _setmodebrew in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 696
            self =  <phones.com_samsungspha840.Phone object at 0x08056550>
             req =  <phones.p_brew.memoryconfigrequest object at 0x08058950>
           respc =  <class 'phones.p_brew.memoryconfigresponse'>

 Frame sendbrewcommand in phones\com_brew.pyo at line 810
        origdata =  '\nY\x0c\xc4\xc1~'
               d =  1
   responseclass =  <class 'phones.p_brew.memoryconfigresponse'>
          buffer =  <prototypes.buffer object at 0x08058430>
        firsttwo =  'Y\x0c'
     callsetmode =  False
         request =  <phones.p_brew.memoryconfigrequest object at 0x08058950>
            data =  'Y\x0c'
             crc =  '\xc4\xc1'
         calccrc =  '\xc4\xc1'
            self =  <phones.com_samsungspha840.Phone object at 0x08056550>

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