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I was working on the fon router project, but have run into a snag! I NEED SOME HELP!~!!!!!


ok! so i started the hack with a r2 instead of a r1

i got telnet access changed a couple lines i saw in a tutorial, exited telnet, restarted the router, and now the wlan light wont come on, and it isn't broadcasting any networks. :(

so i ordered some stuff to access the serial port.

It finally all got here and I put it together. (took me several hours! o.O)


....i plugged it in and started hyperterminal. on a site i saw all the settings nessesary to access it.

then the little + came up! :D

but from this point on im stuck....

here is what the screen looks like on startup.


THis is what happens when you hit (ctrl)+c when insturcted.. it just sits there


this is when it asks you to hit (enter) , wether you do that or not, you get the end result of the next picture


if you pass the first picture without hitting (ctrl)+c then it always gets to this point and stops. i dont know why, nor do i know what to do.

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That looks to be a bit more in depth.

Same basic setup tho as its the same screenshots tongue.gif)))))

that site says, and i quote,

"To access it you can use any terminal application. HyperTerminal ships with windows and it will do fine.Connect your fon to Com1 and Start hyperterminal from:

Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal .

You will need to set up communication settings to

9600-8-N-1 and no flow control:

And here you have it: "

i did that.. but the little fon graphic screen doesn't show up

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First of all you should check if your cable is working correctly by shorting the rx and tx pins and opening up hyperterminal. If all is well you should see everything you type printed in the console.

I've had no problems with my usb-to-serial cable. Perhaps you should try putty instead of hyperterminal?

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I had the same problem as Combat Wombat.

I have a Fonera 2100 0.7.0 r4.

I was at step 10 -

mtd -e "RedBoot config" write out.hex "RedBoot config"

However, the line of output was - "Writing from out.hex" but it was missing the rest of the line.

seemed like it hung halfway through. Anyways I left it to do it's thing for 4 hours, and when I came back the putty session had timed out, also the WLAN light was out. So now the WLAN light is still out and no network is being broadcasted. I've tried the long reset, unplugging power and finally connecting to it via wired connection, but can't quite figure that out.

Any Ideas? Is this Fon bricked? do I need the serial cable?

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