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Found 4 results

  1. Unfortunately I accidentally dropped my YS1 and some pieces fell off that I cannot find. I've posted a picture showing what i'm missing in 2 spots. Does anyone know what I need to buy to solder this back on? thanks!
  2. Hello guys. I have tried every forum and tried everything myself. When I was trying to upgrade the firmware of the YS1 It failed and now I cant re-flash it or exit Bootloader mode. All the LEDS are on solid. I am an IT professional but a noob in this field. Any help would be great.
  3. Here's a YARDStick1 case design I made. Will post up the 3D files later so people can re-use/modify themselves.
  4. So I've recently got into messing about with RF tools/RfCat, and bought myself a Yardstick One - a really great tool with a fair amount of help online. The RfCat libraries, at the end of atlas's own "<GHz or Bust" DEFCON slides imply that I should be able to use FHSS transmiting/receiving. However, despite several days of research/working the problem, I can't seem to set it up to do so. Possibly there is something big I'm missing out, with regards to setting up & using the channels? The example code I've got so far... Many thanks! from rflib import* d = RfCat() #Instatiate and set configuration d.setFreq(315e6) d.setMdmModulation(MOD_ASK_OOK) d.setMdmSyncWord(0xAA00) d.setMdmSyncMode(SYNCM_16_of_16) d.makePktFLEN(30) d.setMdmDRate(5200) print d.getFHSSstate() #Common up to this poiint if "RECEIVER": #Reciever does this d.setFHSSsate(FHSS_STATE_DISCOVERY) elif "XMITTER" #Transmitter does this d.setFHSSstate(FHSS_STATE_SYNCINGMASTER) print d.reprMACdata() if "XMITTER": d.FHSSxmit("Hello world") elif "RECEIVER": d.RFlisten() #or RFrecv
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