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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Taking advantage of all these cheap E5 2670 CPU's floating around (someone said that market has been flooded because of facebook decommissioning a data centre worth of boxes in order to upgrade?) Building a dual CPU box with a couple of these chips for about £800 (32 cores @ 2.4 GHz FTW!!!) and 32GB of RAM with room for a memory upgrade. Desired end state is to have a VM server for setting up labs. Can anyone recommend a free / cheap hypervisor with some form of management interface that would allow me to control vm creation, modification, snapshots, etc? Many thanks all!
  2. Just a quick one, Is it possible for Xen server to share USB ports with a hub amongst hosts. What I'm thinking is say an Ubuntu 14.04 with a RTL dongle one port of a hub (e.g a 60 Watt Plugable hub) and say a Windows host with USB thumb drive on another port of the same hub - you get the idea ? Also possibly USB 3, if the hub was USB 3 of course, don't think mixed 2 & 3 would work though on the same hub ;)... Dave.
  3. Hi Guys, (please excuse the noob if this is in the wrong place ) Just watched Hak5 episode 1820, Great show (as always)... I have a quick question (or two or three). I have a x16 Node Xen Cluster I am playing around with, I would like to use pooled storage to enable HA (high avialability). My setup has x2 SAS HDD on each node (non RAID), x1 for the Xen hypervisor (72GB) and x1 for storage (120GB) but without adding a SAN\NAS I can't figure out how I can setup HA, I would like to pool the second HDD but can't find a solution. I wondered if I could install a Linux based BLOCK level storage solution (like GlusterFS) on the Xen HDD and then add the second HDDs as storage bricks. Would this work and how would I do it or is there a better solution??? ...Any suggestions greatly appreciated Simon London UK
  4. So i have searched a bit on the subject and have yet to find a definitive answer, maybe its my lack of google fu or just laziness. Anyway I am starting to get into virtualization specifically a hypervisor. I think I am going the route of Xen as I already have a NAS running UnRAID 5. So I came to the logical conclusion I should just upgrade to UnRAID 6 because it has an option for Xen. Question: When using a hypervisor and setting up a server cluster do the CPU of each server have to match? Or is this only needed if you plan on moving the VM's from one server to another? Thank you in advance for any Information. Also can anyone recommend a good firewall? As I am running an AP\ Firewall (ASUS), and would like to upgrade to something more substantial. I remember there were a few segments about smoothwall, monowall, ect. just wanted to see what the community uses.
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