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Found 1 result

  1. So I'm a dairy farmer, and a couple years ago we bought a pair of Lely A4 Astronaut milking robots. They work great and they milk cows pretty well but there are a few things that they don't let you do out of the box. Now for the cool part. They run Linux! I'm not exactly sure what's going on behind the scenes but according to their service techs the robot has a built in tablet running like Android 2 or something awful and ancient. Here's a screenshot. http://imgur.com/a/6CmiQ The robots are connected to a LAN. I fired up a port scanner and found an open VNC port, but unfortunately it is view only:. All is not lost however, Port 6000 is open! (and also unsecured) That's how I got this screenshot, Using xwd -root -screen -silent -display > screenshot.xwd What I am asking you guys for help on, is taking over that X session remotely, so I can click those buttons on the screen from, well, not in front of the screen. I've spent about 5 hours reading but X11 terminology is really starting to wear by brain out, and it seems that 99.9% of examples deal with either SSH tunnelling (not an option) or using Xnest and XDMCP to start a new login session remotely, which is also not what I want to do. I think it seems like Xnest is along the lines of what I want, but the critical piece here is to connect to an existing "Client -Server session" ? Is that correct terminology? TL;DR: Port 6000 is open, I can grab frames from it but my goals are 1) stream it live to my PC. 2) use mouse&keyboard for input - Ideally get terminal access. There is what I suspect is a dropbear terminal running but Hydra hasn't produced any results yet on that front. Perhaps I need a dutch wordlist -_- Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Will provide robot or cow pics on request Andrew
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