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Found 1 result

  1. I recently purchased an ASUS Republic Of Gamers G751J laptop with: Processor: Intel Core i7-4710HQ Processor, 2.5 GHz (6M Cache, up to 3.5 GHz) Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64bit) Chipset: Mobile Intel® HM87 Express Chipsets. Memory Slot: 4x. Total System Memory: DRAM DDR3 8GBx4. Storage: SATA 1TB 7200RPM 2.5′ HDD, SATA 128G 2.5′ SSD. I purchased the laptop through a pawn shop for $350.00 because they couldn't logon to the laptop. I have used Microsoft's Dart - Locksmith v10 built on a Windows 10 platform so locksmith should have worked. However, I was able to change the guest password with locksmith. I also changed the Administrator password, but not able to opt into that user login screen. I also attempted to use ubcd, and iseepassword. When I attempt to use a bootable USB, its problematic to get the laptop to boot to the dongle to use a hack mechanism to where it usually loads the default user (which I believe is the default administrator account) screen or guest account login screen. I log into the guest account Ok with the password I changed it to, which leads me to believe locksmith worked. But it didn't work on the default user account. F5 = no reaction normal boot F8 = no reaction normal boot F9 = part manager fails target ESC + F2 = BIOS With the USB boot tools = default user & guest have a flashing logon icon - they alternate flashing between each other. Brand new PC Doctor dongle shows all test 100%. Because I've never worked with a ROG laptop, or raid system other than a few scenarios in class; my questions are: 1 - can I kill all partitions other than the partition recovery and be able to use the drive 1 usable drive either by reimaging or reinstalling? And if not: 2 - What can I do to hak5 this box. I really don't want to have to part this beautiful stealth fighter looking laptop. Or: 3 - Do I send it to a ROG Service center with a copy of the receipt to establish ownership? ??????? Any help in this manner is appreciated.
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