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Found 9 results

  1. I was very excited to receive my notebook morale organizer, however when it arrived I discovered my 15.6-inch laptop doesn't even sort of fit. I'm very sad. The website says this product will accommodate laptops up to 16 inches. Is there more than one size or is there a misprint on the site?
  2. I need web hosting. I've tried ordering from the some of the major hosting companies lately. I've had two of payment gateways just repeatedly fail. Just looses my payment information or my account information. or it doesn't like my credit card or paypal doesn't work. I'm really sick of it. So I'm looking for a smaller business to host me. Where I can send you an email with my account details and you send me back a login and the nameserver I can point my domains to. Preferably you accept PayPal. And Go!
  3. So I was testing out the 15 second rubber ducky attack and i'm not to sure how I should be doing the webserver nor what i'm doing wrong. I am very new to hacking and specially webservers, so please don't be too rough on me. So what I have done so far is just dump everything into the apache server, as I expected I didn't get the output file. Just let me know how stupid I am and where I went wrong. This is the webserver right now: http://imgur.com/5NKP0es http://imgur.com/miCNdsr http://imgur.com/Sa1Ish6 http://imgur.com/VWJqkJZ
  4. how to create forums website? with protecting me ?i mean that forum must not be hacked.
  5. i want to setup jitsi can anyone help me setup process ..i am using cloud server I followed these 3 steps https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md after this i am now getting in that ip address Welcome to nginx!daren said about portforwarding ..i dont know how to complete rest of the process?? ..plz someone help me in setting up my hangouts in my server
  6. Can anyone help me in making IRC website for my collage ? can i use raspberry (pi) and pineapple (mark 5) to do that? plz help me in doing that just give me instruction and i will also do my research to make that better..plz someone help me in this..... love hak5
  7. I am performing a security assessment on a website and have discovered a potential XSS vulnerability. I am able to exploit it if I use Burp Suite by supplying my script in place of a parameter in the query string. However, I if I try injecting the code into a URL and clicking on it, the server strips out my JavaScript. I have attempted to use numerous differnet types of encoding with no success. Is there anyway to bypass server side validation? The specific JavaScript unpacker being used is jsunpack. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  8. I've read most of the forum posts about the various ways to setup and configure a Captive Portal on the Mark IV... I'm purchasing an Elite WiFi Pineapple Mark IV Kit in a few weeks and I'd like to setup some sort of system, so when people join my Pineapple they're greeted by a nice Local Web Page explaining some details about the free hotspot project going on around the state blah blah blah. It's not for phishing or hiding scripts etc... but more for giving the information that I want to get out there. I would like for users to have the option of completely ignoring the page if they want, or reading it. There will be no authentication or any restrictions on data and available websites etc... It would be great if my created page could be the first thing people see when they open their browser or try to load Google for example, but have the ability to read(not read) and move on. Does anyone know what's going on with the Captive Portal Module, or better yet; does anyone know how I could easily go about setting this up? As always any help is greately appreciated. P.S. Oh and I'm going to say I'm praying for all you Americans out there. Terrorists suck!
  9. I have an extra desktop computer with no OS installed, that I use for playing with live boot linux disks. I would like to host my own server/website, with the maximum possible security and anonymity then offer it up as a hacking target like www.hackthissite.org so that I can learn by trial and error how to secure/run a server, and maybe make a few friends in the process (visitors). What choices would you make to get started? Do you think that the choice of server matters, or are they all basically equal except for whichever one is easiest to configure properly? Should I just go with Apache despite all the vulnerabilities? What would be the role of a service like www.noip.com or dyn.com? Would those DNS services actually keep website visitors from seeing my home internet connection IP? If I register a domain, sign up an account at www.noip.com, is that no IP host my nameserver for the DNS name? If I have the website/webapp running on the old desktop I'm making my server, then can I still use VPNs on my other home computers/laptops/devices without knocking my website offline? Does it matter which distro/OS I pick, and what do you recommend if so? Most of the sec distros at www.distrowatch.com are blackhat focused, so I don't know if it would really help me as the webmaster / sys admin? Should I use something like NetSecL or LPS that is configured to be isolated and more locked down? Thanks in advance
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