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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! This 2.0.0 Beta release offers new features, bug fixes and general improvements to all aspects of the WiFi Pineapple experience. As always, the feedback provided by members of the community has been invaluable, and continues to be used internally to build out new additions and improvements. We hope that you enjoy the new changes, and invite you to join us on Discord and here on the forums. To get the Beta update, simply switch to the Beta Update Channel and check for new updates. You will then be prompted with a choice to upgrade. To see some sneak peeks of the firmware before upgrading, check the second reply to this thread. Release Notes: This update changes the LED trigger to be more active on wlan0 activity. We're currently trialing this change. It may appear that your WiFi Pineapple is still booting, but is actually already booted fully and is now showing wlan0 activity. Since Beta 2, wireless interfaces are not destroyed by PineAP starting, instead, they are disabled and mirrored in monitor mode with the new monitor_vif tool. This prevents interface name confusion when a new wireless card is inserted into the WiFi Pineapple, while wlan1 is already in monitor mode. Beta 2 Change Log: In addition to Beta 1; General Include OpenWRT 21.02 community feeds and Hak5 2.0.0 feeds Setup Correctly load EULA and Terms of Service even when network state changes UI Display interface base names (wlanX) instead of multiple instances of the same interface (wlanX, wlanXmon) for recon PineAPd Log zero-length IE tags properly Use new monitor_vif script to bring up interfaces in monitor mode while retaining original VIFs for system consistency Fix several possible deadlock situations in logging Recon Show relative times for detected networks even when the Pineapple system time is not set correctly, by comparing time offsets with the browser. Increase overall performance and stability of Recon backend Use consistent interface naming for MK7AC module adapters (wlan3) Beta 1 Change Log: Welcome to the 2.0.0 Beta! This firmware contains significant bug fixes and feature releases for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII. General Updated to OpenWRT 21.02.1 Updated from kernel 4.14.180 to 5.4.154 Updated the Python Pineapple API Updated HostAPd Updated the OUI database General UI stability improvements Dashboard Fix an issue where the MK7AC wizard would not close when clicking the 'Configure' button Setup Improved the dynamic layout of the Setup wizard Campaigns Fixed a silent error when no reports are available PineAP Fixed numerous crashes Improved handling for Handshakes Changed the default location for Log and Recon databases to /root/ Added a README to the default handshakes location (/root/handshakes) Improved the bring-up time for the Management, Open, and Evil WPA Access Points Management Access Point no longer requires the password to change the SSID and Hidden/Disabled toggles Evil WPA Access Point now has the "Confirm Password" field auto populated Recon Add detection for WPA3 Access Points Add detection for newer 802.11 authentication suites Add a new tagged parameter view for Access Points View the tagged parameters and their hexadecimal values for a given Access Point. Add a column for MFP (Management Frame Protection) state Simplified the Security column Add a security summary dialog for Access Points Fixed a rare error where the Recon database couldn't be opened Performance improvements when fetching Recon data Implement an Auto Handshake Capture mode When enabled, WPA Handshakes will be captured whenever they are seen, regardless of whether a handshake capture is running Overhauled the Handshakes View Handshake listings now show the Client MAC, and also show the messages that were captured Improved handling of deauthentication attacks Improved the dynamic layout of the Recon page Fixed an issue where some channels in the Channel Distribution chart would have a grey colour Improved the Channel Distribution chart axis ticks Add an icon to table rows to further distinguish Clients from their associated Access Point A spinner is now shown when a deauthentication attack has been started Show an informative message for Access Points or Clients with MFP enabled when trying to perform deauthentication attacks against them Show the associated SSID for a selected Client in it's sidebar Show the OUI vendor name for the selected Client in it's sidebar Logging Fixed an issue where the wrong database would be accessed if the Logging location was changed Settings Network keys are now redacted from a generated debug log We will be paying close attention to the thread and the Discord channel (#wifi-pineapple) for the duration of the Beta, so please share any feedback or reports in those places, thanks!
  2. Hi I want to test the security of my home router. I’m currently double NAT’d(ISP router first) and want to test my router before exposing to the internet. Does anyone know of any processes/tools that I can use to make sure everything is ok? I've used nmap and nothing appears open that shouldn’t be. Any advice/guidance would be much appreciated. **This is my home network and I have full access to infrastructure and security**
  3. I have a pineapple tetra and am currently interning with an I.T. admin. We decided to see how the Cisco AP's would react to the tetra. I booted up Kali and the pineapple on my laptop (which was connected to the guest network) and immediately, the admin received texts and emails that a rogue AP had been detected. When I tried to deauth the AP's for the guest network, they blocked it and sent another email saying the attacks were "contained." As I come to understand wireless networks, I assume being on the guest wifi helped detect the tetra, but I also assume that a wifi adapter in monitor mode could pick up devices without the Cisco AP's flagging it... The goal is to get to the hidden wlan- pineapple or not, any suggestions would be great for accessing the wlan. Cheers
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