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Found 2 results

  1. I am having trouble using GET TARGET_ID in payloads. To verify it's this specific command causing the trouble, I set up this short script: ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET LED STAGE3 Q DELAY 3000 GET TARGET_IP # Check target IP address. If unset, blink slow red. if [ -z "${TARGET_IP}" ]; then LED FAIL2 exit fi LED FINISH and indeed it ends up blinking red. Firmware is 1.3. Any idea? Or is there something wrong in the script? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Just got my pineapple and flashed firmware, and watching some videos and have several questions. 1) I see that Dogma is used to transmit beacon frames at very high rates to respond to probe requests. Still it's a timing issue, and wouldn't a laptop connect to the highest signal strength (real AP)? On that same topic, what is the signal strength of the wifi radio on the Pineapple relative to that of a typical wifi router? With the included antennas , what are distance limitations? 2) When testing, if you want to target say 3 laptops, not the entire building, or area, can you specify the mac addresses of three? I saw that it has provision to offer one? 3) Realism.. one thing that concerns me -> if you turn it on, and it populates a large number of ssids, if you look at the wireless icon (which I always do), you would see two of every ssid, the real one, and the non secure one, ie: linksys with a lock, linksys without a lock, .... and a complete list. This certainly is a major tip off, and also very obvious. Thoughts on this? 4) Know about sslstrip (hsts) , dnsspoof, and the comments about dns caching. Yes, you can do things with routing which were mentioned, but there was talk about a new mitm, i believe mitmf project. Anything new in that arena? 5) What infusions for the Mark V are your favorites in pentesting? Thank you! I'm glad to be part of this extremely interesting community.
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