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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone used a passive network tap (i.e. throwing star tap or diy) to capture traffic while connected to a gigabit PoE switch? I'm targeting a VoIP phone and am getting spotty results. Here are the details: Phone: Grandstream GXP2130 Switch: Netgear GS108PE Tap: Similar schematic to the throwing star tap The phone boots just fine using PoE with the tap in line and negotiates a stable 10/100 Mbps connection as expected. When plugging into the receive side of the tap, the phone drops the network connection momentarily but recovers. It's inconsistent but sometimes I can capture a small amount of traffic in Wireshark. On the transmit side, I get absolutely nothing. If I disconnect the phone from the PoE ports and plug it into the regular gigabit ports, I have more success. Both transmit and receive can be captured, but the phone has be powered from a normal wall power outlet for this to occur. I'm curious if anyone else has had the same experience? I would really like to be able to capture traffic while the phone is plugged into the PoE port. Also, if you have a PoE switch that is not gigabit, do you have similar issues? Thanks for any help at all! -Skinny
  2. I'm trying to set up a VPN tunnel for all traffic connected to the Pineapple in client mode, with the tunnel endpoint being my Ubuntu VPS out in the cloud. The goal here is to provide internet access to all clients connected to the Pineapple, while enabling more powerful MitM attacks like Metasploit using my VPS. I've installed OpenVPN on both my server and Pineapple and set up their respective keys, but I am at a loss now as to the proper configuration. Tun? Tap? Br0? lo? Should I be using tap0 or tun0 for each side of the tunnel? (And how does it hook into the pineapple's traffic?) Could someone kindly sketch out the ideal configs for this kind of setup? In an earlier post, Sebkinne referred a user to this "howto", which specifies the client [=pineapple] as tap0. Forgive my ignorance, but don't you want to make the OpenVPN client side [=pineapple] "tun0" and the OpenVPN tunnel's endpoint on the ubuntu server "tap0"? (Which in turn redirects internet traffic to its internet-facing eth0 interface?) I'm lost. In advance, thank very much for any help you can offer.
  3. Hello! Can anyone help me to solve problem with multiple interfaces sniffing on wifi pineapple m4 ? I want cut in into ethernet cable to sniff RX/TX data over eth0 & eth1 interfaces & write it to dump on flashdrive but when i run : tcpdump -vv -i eth0 -i eth1 -w /usb/dump.cap [/CODE] I've only capture eth0 or eth1 interface when i conected via wireless interface & run : [CODE] brctl addbr sniff brctl delif sniff eth0 brctl addif sniff eth0 brctl addif sniff eth1 tcpdump -vv -i sniff -w /usb/dump.cap [/CODE] I've capture data from bottom interfaces but cannot connect to ssh or webgui via br-lan (wireess interfaces) sorry for my english
  4. I read a magazine saw something about an ethernet tap. My first idea is use a passive or active hub if you have power. My second idea is go to the hardware store, electronics store or computer store. Pick up keystone jacks tool less if you want. Get RJ 45s you will need four of them. Rj 11 cable will fit into an RJ 45 jack. Aligator clips There are many diagrams to wire these on line. Too many to get into. Take an ethernet cable or an rj45 conector. Cut off an end or crimp an rj45 connector to a piece of cat 5 cable. Solder alligator clips to one end. Use a packet sniffer in promiscuous mode I imagine this can be done with an ethernet hub of some sort. Use one uplink as an out and a port as an in. Listen from one of the ports. I mentioned passive hub because hubs require power. I know you a portable power supply can be built. Hubs use DC power 5v or 12v. 4 nimh AA batteries give you 5v (1.25v each). 8 regular AA batteries give you 12v (1.5 V ea). Alarm systems you small 12v batteries this would look strange. Velcro is your friend.
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