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Found 1 result

  1. So it appears almost nobody can get the signal owl to do anything it is supposed to. I am new to Hak5 products but have been a youtube fan for some time now. Have to admit very disappointed in the signal owl and my first hak5 product. That being said I think it has potential and would like to start a discussion about anything you can get to actually work. There are so many posts talking about the problems with this product. Just like many others I seem to be able to run payloads but they will not save any output. They create folders but are always empty. Also the basic garbage SSID spammer does nothing. Which is confusing because other payloads seem to work just not save the data. I was pretty excited to thinking the Garbage spammer may work... Not a chance.... I wish the LED status indications on this devices were move distinct. Different colors instead of 1 color and different speeds. I also have the bash bunny, the rubber ducky and the shark jack. I have not played with them yet. I'm bound and determined to get the signal owl to successfully do something before I move on to any of the others. I believe some of the problem with this tool is lack of good videos on DARRENS part lol. Huge fan just busting chops. The bash bunny, usb rubber ducky and shark jack all seem to have tons of documentation and videos which should make them much easier to build, test and deploy. So my question is: What have you got to work? If you ran into a problem and got it fixed what was the solution? 1) I got ssh to work. I can run the python interpreter through ssh and move files around and see the thumb drive connected. This is pretty cool and fun to play around with. - I had a problem getting it into arming mode at first. As stupid as it sounds you have to push the button incredibly quick or the signal owl bugs out and acts as if it restarts instead.
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