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Found 9 results

  1. Topic for discussions around Network reconnaissance payload for Shark Jack. Network reconnaissance payload for Shark Jack Swiss knife network reconnaissance payload with options for loot capturing (e.g. DIG, NMAP, IFCONFIG, ARP-SCAN, LLDP), notification (e.g. Homey, Pushover (the best push notfications service!), Slack), exfiltration (e.g. Cloud C2, Pastebin, Slack) and led blinking for IP address. Payload is based on various sample payloads from HAK5, MonsieurMarc, Topknot and others. The script has been created in a modular fashion which allows easy extending the script with n
  2. Payload Library for Web UI/SSH (Unofficial Patch) This (unofficial) Patch provides the Official SharkJack Web UI with a additional Tab on the Web UI ( to maintain your payloads on the Device itself rather than relying on a PC to switch to your prior used payloads. I personally figured since the SharkJack has not received any Love in over a year, I'd give it a little attention. Since it was missing a Payload Management System on the device (That is accessible via Web UI), I decided to make one. I attempted to "copy" the original style of the original Web UI. - Takin
  3. Nmap Quickscan with Discord Integration (Cleaned & C2 Enabled) This is a cleaned up output version of the Original Nmap Scan that Hak5 introduces us to. The Payload waits for "Internet Connection" to be present. Once Internet Connection is found, It scans the local subnet for any online devices. - While also logging the Public IP of the Victim's Network (Very useful when you are scanning multiple networks in a short amount of time.) payload.sh #!/bin/bash # Title: Nmap Quickscan w/ Discord Integration (Cleaned & C2 Enabled) # Author: REDD of Private-Loc
  4. Sharkjack.ps1 This is a rewritten (Windows) PowerShell version of Hak5's "sharkjack.sh". Compliments to Hak5 for the Device and the original script. I only take credit for rewriting the script to support Windows. Please Note: SharkLib Options are DISABLED until Hak5 merges SharkLib into the GitHub. If you are having problems getting the file to run. See Post #3. (If you have multiple SharkJacks, type "clearssh" in menu to clear your "known hosts" SSH File of the SharkJack's Fingerprint. Then try to reconnect using SSH via option #5) sharkjack.ps1 # Title:
  5. Topic for discussions around Backup and Restore shell scripts for Shark Jack. Backup and Restore shell scripts for Shark Jack Being tired of having to re-image your Shark Jack and going through the hassle of backing up and restoring the device? These shell scripts will help you to backup and restore all important data on your Shark Jack. The scripts has been created in a modular fashion which allows easy extending the scripts with new functions. The backup script (backup.sh) incorporates logic to determine already existing backup folders and create a new (unique) backup folder e
  6. SharkLib - SharkJack Quick Payload Library This Tool was created less than 24 hours after having a "SharkJack", I realized how much of a pain it is to swap back and forth between prior loaded Payloads. So after 7 hours of debugging, testing, and pulling my hair out. - I give to you "SharkLib". SharkLib allows you to Backup/Restore prior loaded Payloads, via SSH Terminal. No more needing to have to "go deploy another script", you can easily use C2 or any SSH Terminal Service to switch your desired payloads. Features: Installs to Local System to allow ease of access of "Shark
  7. Hi, I have some c files that i would like to compile with gcc on the Shark. I understood that Shark is using openwrt. So i create my dev vm with openwrt on it. I compile my program "HelloWorld.c" and i copy on the shark .... but its not work. Its my begining to work on very tiny soc ... so any help will be welcome 🙂 Alexander
  8. Battery Tester/CPU Stress For the SharkJack I keep seeing people talk about how the battery lasts less then 10 minutes, etc etc etc.. I made a script to test and prove the Battery Drains incredibly fast under load. Further more... The Script.. (NOTE: This Script should be ran on the SharkJack itself!) battery-tester.sh #!/bin/bash # Title : Battery Tester/CPU Stress # Author : REDD of Private-Locker # Version : 1.1 # Description : The script uses a simple log system to pull the # batteries status, date, and time into a log file for H
  9. SharkHelper This Tool completes the Hak5 "SharkJack.sh" script. This adds small features that the original Helper Script is missing - While also making it easier to setup/re-setup the SharkJack itself. Linux version to be released soon. Any features or requests are welcome. The Menu: O=====================================O | | | SharkHelper Menu | | | O=====================================O 1. Install SharkLib 2. Remove SharkLib 3. Install Default Nmap Scan 4. Install Internet Tes
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