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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is for the Injection Set feature in Portal Auth. Any questions pertaining to injection sets may be asked here but any other feature of Portal Auth must be discussed on the official support thread. This first post will serve as a repository for links to injection sets. If you create one and would like to share it then please send me a private message with the link and I will post it here after a brief review. To start things off here is the default injection set that comes with Portal Auth. Injection Sets: Default (infotomb.com/jhh5p) Free WiFi Week (infotomb.com/cpcw3) It appears the files have been deleted from InfoTomb. If you would like to download them you can go to my website (http://www.puffycode.com/download/PortalAuth/InjectSets/) or you can download them directly from the Injects tab of the infusion.
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