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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All! I'm currently busy with a project in witch i want to use man in the middle attacks to show the vulnerabilities of networking and explicitly phones who automatically connect to a known wifi network. I'm doing this for a school graduation project at an art school in the Netherlands, so i'm not an expert at hacking but i have a bit of experience programming. I want to use this tread to showcase the work i'm going to do, and to gather feedback from people (you boys and girls) far more experienced then me! So, my planning thus far is to set up an development/ possible final set up that can do MITM attacks and output this in an graphical way. I would like to use a raspberry PI 2B to be the graphical output device and host device for sharing the network with the wifi pineapple. The most reliable solution for that would be (i'm guessing) to share the internet from the raspberry to the pineapple trough a serial interface. What do you think of this set up? Would you share the internet in the same way or chose different hardware altogether? At the moment i'm testing wat i can get out of the pineapple in terms of data, i'm very interested in wat way i can best collect this data flowing trough the device. I've done some test with DNS spoofing what is working pretty decent. Also with Ettercap, TCPDump and SSLStrip. But i noticed that when i use Ettercap or SSLStrip the victim has a very slow connection, could this be because in my test set up i'm using the pineapple in client mode connected to another wifi? In the end i would like to intercept traffic that confronts the viewer, i don't want to show them there password but maybe scrambled pieces of written text like email, instant messaging usernames etc. I don't want to bluntly show all there data on a screen, and i also don't want to permanently store the data to do harm later on. Do you have tips on what are the best techniques to do this sort of data collecting and is it even possible to read the contents of a packet? I hope you could give me some feedback and direction! Many Thanks!
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