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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I would like to solve a problem that I have with my pineapple nano wifi. I received it 2 days ago and the first day was perfect, but today I wanted to start making manuals to save them and get the most out of the Wi-Fi but to my surprise I see that the cpu is 100% and when I try to activate the PineAP or perform a search the device reboots just leaving it unusable. I have installed several modules without any problem but at the time of performing another operation, the antennas are very hot and I don't know why this overheating is due. Could it be firmware problem? Or problem of any of the modules that I have installed? Thank you very much for your helpšŸ¤˜
  2. Hello, I have recently purchased my wifipineapple. the first day I was able to load bulletins and follow the hak5 setup tutorial but now (the next day) I am unable to load bulletins, check for updates, or load modules from wifipineapple.com. Also, I am running on windows 10 on the Acer aspire e15. I have followed the setup tutorial and everything is configured correctly so i don't understand.
  3. Hello everyone, Just bought my Wifi pineapple Nano and little bit disappointed. I can't enable PineApp Daemon. I do a hard reset and it works normally, but after time it don't enables at all. What to do? Thanks. Debug log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TWhDbseqT67oRged0a3wDHgYco2NkcLO/view?usp=sharing For those who will tell me that I can do hard reset every time - NO, I don't want to do it. I've paid for this product price like for expensive wi-fi router from famous manufacturer and want to use it without crutches.
  4. As stated in my title, I can only speak about the Pineapple nano. There seems to be some kind of inherent problem with it. When everything is up and totally running and it is all singing and dancing. You have captured your stations on recon and have placed the chosen ssid and mac addresses in the filter and also fully enbabled the PineApp with all neccesary ticks etc. You then go to deauth the chosen ssid and it comes back with "Please start PineAp and try again"! I have dutifully restarted the PineAp several times, in fact lost count on how many times I attempted this and then went back to the PineAp and refreshed and found that the following had unticked themselves: Capture SSID's to Pool : Beacon Response : Broadcast SSID Pool. These are probably the most important as they get the whole capture thing going for deauth. The first 3 selections dont get disturbed, its the last 3 as listed above. This basically makes the Pineapple Nano useless as you can't do anything with it if it wont deauth the clients that it sees! Have other Pine nano users experienced this (maybe tetra too ) if so please reply. It may be useful to the Hak5 crew to know about this so they can patch a fix in their next update to the nano. With the best will & intentions, cheers Mike
  5. Hello Everyone! I have a problem with my Bash Bunny where bunny_helper.sh doesent function so I have to always specify the switch when running an attack, for instance Usb_exfiltrator. I use the latest version from github but it still doesent functiion properly. Please help.
  6. battery issue can i know how much time it will take to fully charge each model of the list MODLE TIME TAKEN TO CHARGE COMPLETELY DC 12120 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12180 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12380 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12680 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12980 -------------------------------------------- DC 12380 -------------------------------------------- DC 12680 -------------------------------------------- DC 12980 -------------------------------------------- DC12-120 -------------------------------------------- DC12-1150 -------------------------------------------- will the power bank had any problem with 240v power supply? Should i Turn one power bank while charging ?
  7. First major issue is connection, when or if the pineapple reboots for what ever reason it doesn't always see the AP i was connected to i know its there as my phone can see it, this isnt the fist time eithet it happen's more often than it should https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33239-mk5-refusing-ap-connections-after-period-of-time/ The only fix for this i have found is a re-flash (pain every 3 weeks) My interface seems to have messed up a little tiles aint opening aand i have the same 4 open all the time, you can see from screen's when they are maximized (re-flash again) Not sure i am getting the no dog splash notification saying its started even though its set to off.(This is an ifusion issue, thanks daniboy92 ) My pineapple is fully updated, these issue's happen weather im using supplied power adaptor and/or batt pack. These are the same probelms time and time again now. More re-flash's whcih aint good if your not if you aint in the siuation to re-flash it i am wondering if there is a way of backing up the pineapple so it could be restored to a working state. Many thanks
  8. Hi, I just got my Pineapple Mark IV running 2.4.1 standard from delivery and I have some issues.. 1. When I try to install modules from web gui onto the USB stick nothing happends. It says it has been downloaded but I cant find it anywhere. 2. When I try to uninstall a module, its still pinned to the menu and I cant uninstall/remove(ex. tcpdump) 3. When I try to add a "page" to dnsspoof I get this error msg: Warning: fopen(config/spoofhost) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No space left on device in /www/pineapple/pages/config.php on line 6 Could not open file! 4. WebUI is super slow! From I press one link to site refresh it takes 20sec 5. When I try to update to new version(2.7) I get md5 checksum error. Even tho its correct downloaded and I cleaned the browser catche. 6. I tried Reset and factory default, but that wont clear any of my problems.
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